The Flemish-Dutch Scheldt Delta is a unique transnational estuary, an area where the tides of the North Sea push and pull on the course of the Scheldt, and where salt water overflows into fresh water.

The Scheldt runs as a blue thread through this Geopark. Altogether it is an area of 5,500 km², spread over 63 partner municipalities and with some 1,500,000 inhabitants. It stretches across the provinces of Zeeland and Noord-Brabant in the Netherlands, and West Flanders, East Flanders and Antwerp in Belgium. Those provinces are therefore the initiators of this aspiring Unesco Global Geopark.

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verschillende geologische kaarten van het Geopark


Because of its location, the area of the Flemish-Dutch Geopark Schelde Delta has always been a naturally dynamic region, where the interaction between man and geology has shaped the contemporary landscape. The river Scheldt with its estuaries forms the blue thread through the area.

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The UNESCO label - compare it to a Michelin star - opens doors; to international attention and scientific research, to regional profiling and to a new dimension in tourism and recreation in the area. Every reason to join forces. We challenge you to actively contribute to geopark status for our delta region. Click on the arrow.