Geopark Schelde Delta tells a 50-million-year story of subsidence and uplift, sea level rise and fall, tidal waters, rivers and climate change. It also shows the alternating role of natural processes and human influences.

Human action as a geological force is the most characteristic feature of the Geopark Schelde Delta. Whether we fight, use or build with nature, our past actions have numerous intended and unintended consequences for the landscape and its sediments.

Finding a balance between the good and the necessary in this dynamic landscape is difficult, and deserves all the attention that a Geopark status provides. Nowhere in the world is the influence of the tides on the landscape and its inhabitants as great as in this Scheldt estuary.

Also, Geopark Schelde Delta is the only Geopark in the world to make such a clear link with the theme of climate change.

Overview of our maps:
 - Geological map
 - Soil map
 - Overview of the Geosites 1 and 2
 - Timeline and events from the application dossier